First impressions are meaningful. One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. If you’re less than confident in the whiteness of your teeth, teeth whitening could be just what you’re looking for. With the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is now more effective, affordable, and safer than ever. It’s a great opportunity to explore the benefits of teeth whitening for yourself.

According to a survey completed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of adults in the United States believe that people with an attractive smile are more appealing to the opposite gender. Additionally, 74 percent of those surveyed reported that they feel an unattractive smile can actually hurt a person’s chances of success in their career. As you can see, having a smile that you can be proud of is not only good for your confidence but can even have benefits in terms of your career and social opportunities.

Today, Advanced Indiana will be describing five of the most significant benefits of teeth whitening. We are firm believers in the power of teeth whitening and want to convince you to consider it for yourself. If you’re currently on the fence about teeth whitening, we hope that this will make the decision more effortless than ever. Let’s get started!

5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  1. Teeth Whitening Can Boost Self-Confidence: One of the most apparent benefits of teeth whitening is found in the inevitable confidence boost you’ll experience once you see the results. When you’re confident in your smile, you’ll find yourself approaching social situations with renewed vitality. Additionally, having a sparkling smile indicates that you care about taking care of yourself to those around you. Teeth whitening can lead to greater self-confidence that will have far-reaching benefits in your everyday life!
  2. Teeth Whitening is Affordable
    Unlike other services meant to improve your overall appearance, like plastic surgery, teeth whitening is surprisingly affordable. Best of all, maintaining your glorious smile after receiving an in-office treatment is easy and won’t break the bank. Use a touch-up kit to prolong the effects of your teeth whitening treatment. Using a combination of in-office teeth whitening treatments and an at-home enhancer is one of the best ways to produce significant, lasting results without emptying your wallet.
  3. Teeth Whitening Enhances Your Appearance
    Even if you’re attentive in practicing good oral hygiene and have the straightest teeth imaginable, you’re still prone to the everyday damages that can happen to your teeth through eating and drinking. Certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda can stain our teeth over time. After your first teeth whitening treatment, however, you will quickly notice a difference in the appearance of your teeth. Teeth whitening goes a long way in minimizing the damage done to the appearance of your teeth through these everyday practices.
  4.  It’s Fast
    When it comes to many procedures meant to enhance your appearance, it can take multiple treatments before you truly see the results. When it comes to teeth whitening, you will notice changes fast! When whitening your teeth, you can expect your dentist to produce profound results in as little as an hour. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products, the results you will see when working with your dentist, and the speed at which you’ll see a difference are unmatched.
  5. Your Dental Hygiene Will Benefit
    It’s human nature to assume that someone with stained teeth doesn’t put as much effort into caring for themselves as someone with a million-dollar smile. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, having stained teeth can lead those around you to draw conclusions about how you care for yourself. For this reason, teeth whitening is an excellent option when it comes to putting your best foot forward and helping others genuinely appreciate the effort you put into your dental hygiene.

Teeth Whitening Services to Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

Here at Advanced Indiana, we want you to feel confident, healthy, and happy. We know that having a brighter smile is an integral part of that. For the best possible tooth whitening results, we highly recommend that you seek teeth whitening treatments with your local dentist. Our 1-hour teeth whitening treatment is quick, inexpensive, and above all else, safe. Request an appointment online today to see what we can do for you! The smile you have always wanted is possible and well within reach- trust Advanced Indiana to help!

Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer on Unsplash