Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleaning by a dentist or certified dental hygienist aims to remove plaque, tartar, and stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Dentists recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6-12 months for preventative measures. This will decrease the chance of getting periodontal disease.

Dr. Jay Elbrecht, Dr. Summerlin, Dr. Emily, and their teams at Advanced Indiana are experts in deep teeth cleaning and removing plaque that contains millions of bacteria. If not removed by daily brushing and flossing and routine trips to the dentist, this bacteria causes gum disease and tooth decay.

Benefits of a dental cleaning

The benefits of a deep dental cleaning by Advanced Indiana Dental Care include:

  • Removes stains on teeth
  • Prevents gum disease
  • Detect early signs of broken fillings and fractures
  • Save money by detecting early signs of more serious problems
  • Freshens breath
  • Prevent or minimize diabetes

Our dental practices in Indianapolis, Anderson, and Fortville provide teeth cleaning services utilizing state-of-the-art dental cleaning tools.

How often should you get a dental cleaning?

General recommendations include professional dental cleaning every 6 months. Some individuals may need to visit the dental office much more frequently, for instance, every 3 months, while others may only need to go once a year, depending on the requirements of their oral health.

Does dental cleanings prevent cavities?

Cavities is another way of saying tooth decay. What you eat, how well you take care of your teeth, and hereditary factors influence whether you will have tooth decay.

Does dental cleanings stop tooth loss?

Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. This is caused by built-up plaque that can destroy the supporting bone in your jaw, causing teeth to loosen and fall out. If you follow proper oral hygiene habits, this will be greatly reduced.

Can dental cleaning freshen your breath and brighten your smile?

Drinking coffee, tea and wine or using tobacco can stain your teeth. A dental cleaning can remove built-up stains and leave you with freshly polished teeth. Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent persistent bad breath. Even if you brush and floss regularly, getting a cleaning is a great way to keep your mouth healthy and odor-free.

Can dental cleanings boost your overall health?

There is a connection between oral and overall health. You can detect many other health related diseases by simply getting a dental cleaning from your dentist.

Can regular dental cleanings save you money?

Regular dental cleanings will help you find early stages of other oral related diseases that might have been extremely expensive to fix if found later.

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