Tooth Colored Fillings

What are tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are dental fillings that restore and mimic the natural appearance of a tooth. The fillings are used to cosmetically change the size, color, and shape of the tooth.

What are the advantages of tooth colored fillings?

  • Closely match natural color of a tooth
  • They bond to tooth structure
  • They completely harden in seconds
  • Tooth sensitivity is usually minimal and brief
  • They may be used on front and back teeth
  • They can be repaired if damaged

Should I get a tooth colored filling?

If you have a fractured or decayed tooth, a tooth colored filling might be a way to fix the issue. If you have gaps in between teeth, a chipped tooth, or would like your teeth to appear more straight or even, tooth colored fillings might be the solution. Contact us if you are in need of a tooth colored filling!

Common Questions

How do I take care of my dental fillings?

You take care of your dental filling just as you would take care of your teeth. Be sure to brush twice a day and see your dentist once or twice a year for annual check-ups. Fillings do decay, so if you begin feeling unusual sensitivity or pain around the area of your filling ask your dentist about it.

Do tooth colored fillings look natural?

Unlike silver fillings of the past, tooth colored fillings are made of a resin complex that allows for a very natural look. The color of the mixture is tailored to match the color of the tooth so the difference is unnoticeable.

How long do resin fillings last?

Tooth colored fillings are made of durable material that can last anywhere from 4 years to a lifetime. The lifespan of your dental filling is determined by the tooth it is on (molar versus bicuspids), how big the filling is, and how well oral hygiene is maintained.

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