Everyone loves candy. That’s just a fact. You see it any season of the year, and even when there’s no reason for them to be around, there will be candy somewhere in the house. That’s because they’re the perfect treats to insert some sweetness into our everyday lives. However, as we all know, there’s a reason our parents didn’t let us eat whole bags of candies when we were kids. Ever wonder, why does your teeth hurt after eating candy?

So, if you’ve ever wondered why your teeth hurt after eating a lot of candy, here is what your dental team from Advanced Indiana wants you to know.

What Happens to Sugar When You Eat It

Each time you consume sugar for your candy cravings, a chemical reaction occurs. The sugar particles are broken down and converted into energy required for the body’s daily activities. But because of its sugar content, you can develop cavities.

The bacteria that naturally form in your mouth are constantly fed with the sugar you’ve been consuming and eating, which leads to the formation of acids. These acid buildups and plaque can easily be seen when having an oral examination done by a dentist.

So, Why Do Your Teeth Hurt After Eating Too Much Candy?

If you’re experiencing pain coming from your teeth after eating a sweet treat, chances are that it is due to the presence of harmful bacteria and acids that have been building up over time. Here are other causes.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the number one cause of all teeth sensitivity problems. It can lead to complications that include plaque buildup, discomfort in teeth, gingivitis, bad breath, gastroenteritis (that can also lead to food poisoning), etc. If you keep eating sweets and fail to maintain your oral hygiene, your teeth and gums will be more vulnerable to these issues.

Teeth Getting Checked at the Dentist
Teen’s Teeth Hurting

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Eating sugary treats isn’t necessarily bad. It only becomes bad for you when you eat too much. This also goes for other kinds of junk foods. Overconsumption of these not only puts your teeth at risk but also your overall health.
So, in addition to your dental hygiene, you should also look into your diet and lifestyle to maintain those pearly whites of yours.

Oral Irritants

In addition to sweets, vices like cigarette smoking can also contribute to the decline of your dental and oral health. Things like cigarettes contain various chemicals that can stain your teeth and cause that unwanted yellowish or even brownish tinge. In addition to that, they can also exacerbate issues like bad breath or gum problems.

nicotine products, smoking cigarettes


Eating a lot of candy and not drinking enough water can also be damaging to your teeth. When your mouth is dry, it makes it harder for the saliva to do its job of washing away bacteria that leads to plaque buildup or cavities. Additionally, eating a ton of sugar naturally leads to dehydration and thirst, but if you’re washing down candy with sodas and other sugary beverages, you’re adding to the problem.

The absolute best way to ensure your mouth stays hydrated and you have enough saliva to wash away sugar is to drink plenty of water.

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