Every dental professional utilizes essential dental cleaning tools during your visit to ensure that your teeth stay sparkling, clean, and free of bad bacteria. These tools work together to safely remove debris from hard-to-reach spots while killing bacteria and preventing cavities. Professional dental cleanings accompanied by regular brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and a balanced diet can help ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health. But why do we use so many different tools here at Advanced Indiana, and what are they all called? Let’s talk about the five most common ones you’ll see during your visit.

The Importance of Dental Cleaning Tools

Professional teeth cleaning tools are very important for a dental hygienist when removing plaque and tartar from teeth. By having the right tools, they can do a better job of getting your teeth clean and keeping your oral hygiene in top condition. It is important to use the right dental cleaning tools for proper oral hygiene and care.

Outside of regular check-ups, there are also home dental tools that can be used for daily cleaning. These tools include toothbrushes, water flossers, interdental brushes, and mouthwash to name a few. Utilizing these products in your cleaning regimen is just as important as having regular appointments with a dentist. With their use, you can ensure that you reach all those difficult spots between teeth and gums and thoroughly clean your mouth.

5 Specialized Tools for Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygienists are specially trained professionals with the necessary knowledge and specialized tools to perform professional teeth cleaning. The professional dental tools used by our dentists and hygienists help ensure your teeth stay in great shape – they are usually far more effective than using floss alone.

Below is a list of 5 dental cleaning tools that are commonly used in the industry:


Dental Explorer Tools

Dental explorer tools are essential pieces of equipment for your dentist in order to maintain optimal patient dental health. These tools are used to inspect the patient’s teeth and gums, allowing the dentist to get a close-up look at a patient’s mouth for a more comprehensive exam.

They can help identify any problems early on and allow your dentist to check all the surfaces of each patient’s tooth as well as follow strands of plaque to look for signs of gum disease.

By using these dental explorer tools during routine checkups, your dentist can ensure that you have great teeth and good gum health, and receive the adequate care you need before any major issues arise.

Dental Drill

A dental drill is a tool used primarily by a dental professional to remove plaque, treat gum disease, and ultimately prevent tooth decay. It works by removing tiny particles of the tooth surface by rotating at a high speed. Once the risk of tooth decay is neutralized, the drill also enables precise and precise cavity preparation for fillings, removing any residual bacteria or debris from previous cavities.

This ensures that when a filling is placed, it is firmly bonded to the natural tooth structure. While the sound and vibration of this process may be off-putting, it greatly benefits oral health in both the short and long terms — removing plaque and preventing complications like tooth decay before they can start!

patient getting a filling
dentist cleaning between teeth

Dental Scalers

Dental scalers are an invaluable tool for dentists. Scalers remove plaque and remove tartar from teeth surfaces, ultimately helping patients maintain good oral hygiene. Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that accumulates on the teeth over time and must be removed with a dental scaler in order to protect against gum disease and tooth decay. A dentist usually uses a scaler to gently scrape away stains and deposits from the surface of the tooth, deep in between the teeth or below the gums. Removing this stubborn plaque helps keep your smile healthy and sparkling!

Dental Saliva Ejector

For dental hygienists, dental instruments are essential components of their daily work. One such instrument is the dental saliva ejector, which helps dental hygienists during teeth cleaning by collecting saliva and debris from a patient’s mouth. These long tubes are extremely important for dental professionals to get into tight corners of the mouth that other types of instruments do not reach.

Moreover, dental saliva ejectors help reduce the amount of water needed while facilitating dental management procedures. All in all, dental saliva ejectors are an invaluable tool that dental hygienists use to ensure proper teeth cleanings and excellent oral hygiene among patients.

dental tech operating water machine
dental tray ready for next patient

Periodontal Probe

The periodontal probe is one of the dental hand tools that help to detect and diagnose periodontal disease. It is pointed-end stainless steel and typically has color-coded rings to measure the depths of pockets around teeth. It is used to evaluate the health of gum tissue by measuring the depth and width of gum pockets for any signs of inflammation or infection.

This helps create an accurate diagnosis and enables widespread assessment throughout each patient’s mouth. Furthermore, these probes can be used when cleaning teeth in order to check for plaque and other potential complications that may occur due to poor oral hygiene.

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