One of the questions we are frequently asked here at Advanced Indiana is why wisdom teeth removal is better sooner rather than later. After all, why even consider wisdom teeth removal if they’re not causing any problems? Wisdom teeth are the third molars known to cause various dental issues because many times they grow abnormally or against other teeth below the gums. Put simply, while you may believe that wisdom teeth removal is unnecessary because you haven’t experienced any of these dental issues yet, it may only be a matter of time before problems begin to arise.

Today, our dentists here at Advanced Indiana will be explaining the importance of wisdom teeth removal sooner rather than later. While a dentist will always recommend that your wisdom teeth are extracted rather than treating them, there are various advantages of doing it earlier to avoid complications. Here’s everything you need to know about wisdom teeth removal, so you’ll see the importance of doing it as soon as possible.

When Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Before we discuss the importance of wisdom teeth removal sooner rather than later, you must understand the various complications that wisdom teeth can cause. Once your wisdom teeth have started growing, you can observe specific symptoms that will indicate that you’ll need them removed as soon as possible. Here are a few of the symptoms you can expect to encounter if you wait too long to remove your wisdom teeth.


The growth of your wisdom teeth can easily cause an infection that can cause frequent tooth pain and redness and swelling of the jawbone. There have also been many reported cases of stiffness in the jaw due to infection. Even worse, it can expand to the entire body via the bloodstream and cause even further health issues when an infection occurs.


Wisdom teeth can be impacted and cause a variety of serious oral issues. An example of this includes the production of bacteria-based fluid, also known as cysts. When this oral issue occurs, the condition can damage teeth situated closely to the wisdom teeth. This problem can also affect the tissue surrounding the teeth.

Difficult to Clean

It can be complicated to access the wisdom teeth for cleaning once they come in. This means that there are greater chances of bacteria building up here, which can result in a cavity. Even worse, this bacterium can spread to the surrounding teeth and cause even further health issues.

Bad Breath

Because the growth of wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in your mouth, it can be much harder to brush and floss your teeth properly. Along with the build-up of bacteria resulting in cavities, this can also cause bad breath that is difficult to treat.

Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted Earlier

To prevent encountering the oral health issues described above, wisdom teeth removal is required sooner rather than later. The longer that you wait to remove your wisdom teeth, the greater the chance that you will run into these problems as described. Once the growth of your wisdom teeth is found to be a threat to your health, your dentist will consider removing them. Your dentist will also recommend immediate wisdom teeth removal to prevent issues such as overcrowding, tooth pain, and damage to the surrounding teeth and nerves.

You’ll also want to have your wisdom teeth removed sooner to prevent the growth of tumors that may later require surgery to be removed. It is ideal to remove partially erupted wisdom teeth before they become crooked or crowd the surrounding teeth.

It is generally more challenging to perform wisdom teeth removal in adults because the bones are much harder than those found in teenagers. The earlier you elect to remove your wisdom teeth, the easier it will be on your dentist, too. Remember, your dentist knows what’s best for your oral health and will only make the best recommendations regarding your wisdom teeth!

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Advanced Indiana

Now that you know the extreme importance of wisdom teeth removal as early as possible, you’ll want to contact a trusted dental office to perform the necessary procedure. At Advanced Indiana, we specialize in tooth extraction services that prioritize your comfort and safety. We understand the importance of taking preventive measures for wisdom teeth removal and will make the best recommendation based on your individual needs. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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